Environmental Automation Policy

Quality Assurance Policy 

Environmental Automation’s objective regarding Quality is to ensure that the contract requirements described in the clients’ specifications and support documentation are complied with. 

It is the objective of Environmental Automation to undertake the contract works in accordance with relevant codes of practice and all applicable standards where required under the contract in a cost effective and reliable manner. It is the policy of Environmental Automation to achieve the above objective by the implementation of the Quality Assurance System by the Managers and Supervisors as described in the Quality Systems Manual and as detailed in the Project Quality Plan. 

All employees are required to perform their duties having quality as a key objective. Management and supervisory personnel are to actively support and promote the Quality Assurance System as detailed herein and to ensure its implementation. 

The Quality Assurance Policy is fundamental to the successful operation of Environmental Automation to maintain its
reputation and competitive position in the industry.

Environmental Policy 

Environmental Automation Pty Ltd is committed to protecting and enhancing the quality of the environment by conducting all aspects of its business in a manner which: 

•  Ensures continual compliance with all environmental legislation.
•  Exceeds, where possible, minimum standards of compliance.
•  Minimizes the impact of our activities on the environment.
•  Ensures our installation processes and products are safe, both for our clients, the public and for the environment. 

In satisfying this commitment, Environmental Automation Pty Ltd objectives are to: 

•  Strive to use resources as economically as possible.
•  Maintain the highest standard of environmental management in its installation and manufacturing activities and to strive to continually improve the standards.
•  Train our personnel so as to ensure a high standard of environmental awareness and responsibility throughout the company.
•  Actively pursue a programme of waste minimization including, wherever possible, a policy of recycling in all our installation and manufacturing
•  Monitor our environmental performance in all areas of Environmental Automation Pty Ltd.

Environmental Automation Pty Ltd Senior Management shall monitor, through regular meetings and reviews, the environmental management on projects to ensure compliance to legislative and client requirements. Environmental Automation Project Managers and Supervisors will implement processes to protect the environment from harm by providing resources
and management strategies on projects under their control. 

Environmental Automation Workers will comply with environmental procedures that have been implemented and report any non-conformances or observations to senior management.

Sustainability Policy 

Environmental Automation Pty Ltd and its management are committed to sustainability in all business operations. Environmental Automation know that sustainability is an integral part of successful business well.

We know that maintaining the best sustainable practices will ensure that the environment is protected and supported, that the wellbeing of our stakeholders is enhanced. We know that our environment is impacted on by our activities and realize that through collaboration with our staff, our suppliers and our clients we will be able to contribute positively to the environment, our culture, our people and the economy.

We seek to show leadership in our sustainable practices by:

• Ensuring that in all our activities, services and products we offer we will operate in a manner that has a positive impact for our environment.
• Developing technologies and providing services that minimizes the use of energy, water or material resources
• Engaging with our workers, suppliers and clients in our pursuit of reducing our environmental footprint.
• Developing long-term relationships with our communities, clients and suppliers.
• Clearly demonstrating our values and ethics in all our practices
• Ensuring continual improvement, by monitoring and reporting our activities and achievements.

Environmental Automation understands that sustainable principles and practices need to be managed and owned by all staff. We will ensure this happens through the Environmental Automation management and leadership team who will engage and provide resourcing, practices and opportunities for all our workers to be engaged in our drive for sustainable leadership.

Work Health and Safety Policy 

 Our vision is to be the industry leader in safety management with our key objective to provide a healthy and safe place of work for all employees and visitors.

Our aim is to effectively communicate and implement proactive safety management strategies to prevent workplace incidents and accidents. Workplace Health and Safety is of the utmost importance to Environmental Automation and is a key component of our operations.


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